In the context of the preparation of the future research and innovation Framework Programme of the European Union (FP9), the study collects evidence to assess the potential impacts of mission-oriented R&I approaches. The extensive desk research is the basis for the analysis of mission-oriented R&I initiatives and provides new insights in the understanding of their potential impacts and help determine the potential influence of a move towards mission orientation in the EU28 countries. The Study identifies three potential scenarios: a transition to accelerator or transforming missions only, or to the compound of these two (hybrid model). Opinions and data from a varied audience of stakeholders were collected through interviews, a survey and a workshop. The main findings are that the introduction of a mission-oriented approach is widely supported, and that the hybrid model is deemed the most appropriate. The design and implementation of this approach will need to consider carefully the engagement of a wide array of stakeholders including citizens, the coordination across policy domains, policy departments and governance levels, and evaluation and monitoring mechanisms among others.