Conditions often associated with later life, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, along with diabetes, are debilitating to the sufferer and a challenge to European healthcare systems. So, the potential breakthroughs nanomedicine can offer are being carefully and enthusiastically researched by a variety of EU-funded projects, some of the most promising being highlighted in this CORDIS Results Pack.


Imaging technique offers cancer patient screening for nanomedicine therapies
Nanoparticle drug delivery to tackle antibiotic resistance
Helping innovative medical research make it from lab to clinic
Treating infectious disease with the help of antimicrobial peptides
A new point-of-need nanodiagnostic for better healthcare
New printing techniques bring ‘lab-on-paper’ within reach
New tools to boost the delivery of drugs to cancer tumours
New insight into why most nanoparticles don’t make it through biological barriers
New solutions for diagnosing and treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Oral peptide-based nanomedicine to treat a range of diseases